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Rider’s Guide

Personal Care Attendants

A Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is someone who is designated or employed to assist a passenger. PCAs ride at no charge. The dispatcher must be informed that a passenger will be accompanied by a PCA when the trip is scheduled.

Service Animal Policy

Logan Public Transit permits service animals to accompany individuals with disabilities in vehicles and transit facilities. The dispatcher must be informed that a passenger will be accompanied by a service animal when the trip is scheduled.

Passenger Assistance

Service is curb-to-curb unless door-to-door is requested. Door-to-door service means that the driver will escort the passenger from the main entrance door of the origin to the main entrance door of the destination. Walkways, pathways and ramps must be clean and clear of hazards, ice and snow. Drivers are prohibited from entering passengers' homes.

Seatbelts, Mobility Aid Securement & Child Restraint Seats

Passengers are required to wear a seatbelt. Drivers will help those requesting assistance. Wheelchairs must be secured with a four-point tie-down. If the seatbelt is not long enough to be secured or the passenger has a medical condition which prohibits the use of seatbelts, they will not be required to wear the seatbelt.

Children must ride in a safety seat until they are 4 years old and weigh at least 40 pounds. Children ages 4-8 who are no longer in a car seat must use a booster seat until they reach 4'9". Children and teens ages 8-15 who are not in booster seats must use adult seat belts.

Passenger Expectations

Disruptive passengers will not be tolerated on Logan Public Transit vehicles. Unruly behavior is unfair to other passengers and a distraction to the driver. In the event that a passenger is disruptive, the driver will request that the problem passenger cease the behavior immediately. Passengers who continue objectionable activity will be reported to the dispatcher (who may contact law enforcement officials) and be taken to the nearest public place and asked to leave the vehicle. At the discretion of the Transportation Services Manager, disruptive behavior may result in denial of future service.

No-Shows & Cancellations

A no-show is when a passenger does not cancel and does not appear within five minutes of the vehicle's arrival at the point of pick-up, provided the vehicle arrives within the "on-time" service window (15 minutes before or after the scheduled pick-up time).

A cancellation is when a client calls the dispatch office at least two hours before their scheduled pick-up to cancel a ride. You may leave your cancellation on the answering machine during non-business hours. Please provide the date and time of your call with your cancellation message. A ride cancelled less than two hours in advance will be considered a no show.

No-shows and late cancellations cause service delays and denial of service to other passengers. Excessive no-shows and cancellations will be tracked by the dispatcher and treated in accordance with Logan Public Transit policy.

Questions, Concerns, & Complaints

Questions, concerns, and complaints should be directed to Roger Stivison, the Transportation Services Manager, at (740) 385-6813 ext. 2235 during our regular hours of operation. You may also submit your questions, concerns, and complaints to the Transportation Services Manager through our online contact form.

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