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We have a wide variety of transportation volunteer opportunities in Athens, Glouster and Logan- and even around Ohio!  Programs that you can volunteer with are GoBus, Athens Public Transit, Athens on Demand, Athens Mobility, Logan Public Transit and more!

Volunteers can help with mailings, act as a “secret rider” on one of our transportation services and report back on how we’re doing, advocate for us on a local committee or council, and much more!  We also welcome students and individuals involved with service learning.  We have plenty of flexible opportunities to meet a variety of interests!

For all transportation volunteer opportunities, contact:

Carolyn Conley

Head Start

We welcome all types of volunteers to the Head Start program.  All volunteers must be 16 years of age or older.  There are two classes of volunteers in Head Start: Those that volunteer more than 3 days per month and those that volunteer 3 or fewer days per month.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Service rules require anyone volunteering more than 3 days per month to obtain a physical exam and criminal background check.  If this is something you'd like to do, please contact us and we can help arrange your background check and provide a form for your physical.  If you'd like to volunteer 3 or fewer days per month, you would not be required to obtain the physical or background check.

Volunteers are provided with training prior to entering the classroom with the children.  Volunteers receive guidance regarding how we work with the children, confidentiality expectations and rules of the program.  Volunteers are never permitted to be alone with the children.

There are many ways a person can volunteer in Head Start.  If you are interested, please contact the main office at 800-868-1093 or the Center Coordinator of the center closest to you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping in the Classroom
Talking with the children about what they are doing; assist with clean up; assist with following all safety rules; assist with lunch and clean up with the children; interacting with the children as they play and learn.

Helping on the Playground
Talking and interacting with the children; following all safety rules.

Help with Preparation of Materials or Special Event Activities
Help decorate bulletin boards

Head Start Centers


Kim Miller


Melody Turley


Beth Helber

New Lexington

Donna McCord

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