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About Us

One in six individuals faces hunger. Everything we do focuses on getting healthy food to communities – from sourcing food donations to advocating for policies that end hunger. The SE Ohio Foodbank, a HAPCAP program, works to reduce food insecurity and empower people facing hunger in SE Ohio.

SE Ohio has some of the highest food insecurity rates in the state. The SE Ohio Foodbank is a member of Feeding America and serves ten counties in Southeast Ohio, including Athens, Gallia, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Meigs, Morgan, Perry, Vinton, and Washington Counties.

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Feeding Our Community

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Feeding Our Community

For over 50 years, HAPCAP has been leveraging food, support, and resources to create a lifeline for people in need. Each year, we distribute millions of pounds of food to thousands of individuals across Southeast Ohio through food pantries, mobile markets, and meal providers.

Check out our annual impact, changing the lives of our community.

Child Hunger

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Child Hunger

When children don't have the nutrition they need, they may have trouble learning in school and have a greater chance of having chronic health problems like asthma. Each year, we help more than 15,000 children in Southeast Ohio find the food and nutrition they need to thrive.

Senior Hunger

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Senior Hunger

More seniors face food insecurity each year. That puts them at a greater risk of health issues, including diabetes and heart disease. They face tough choices like paying for their medicine or buying groceries. Our programs work to remove those impossible choices and provide the nutritious food they need.

Healthy Communities

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Healthy Communities

Often, those living with lower incomes and facing food insecurity grapple with other barriers to a healthy life. These social determinants of health include challenges like healthcare access, access to nutritious food, and living conditions. HAPCAP for Health's Community Health Workers work diligently with neighbors and partners to create healthier lives.

SNAP Outreach

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SNAP Outreach

For every meal the foodbank provides, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides nine. SNAP, also called food stamps, helps millions of people each year buy the nutritious food they need when they face hard times. We're here if you need help if you have questions about SNAP or need help applying.

Visiting A Pantry

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Visiting a Pantry

Southeast Ohio has some of the highest rates of food insecurity in the state. One in six individuals faces hunger. If you're facing food insecurity, you're not alone. We can help.

Navigating food pantries and figuring out if you’re eligible can be confusing. Click the button below for more information on visiting food pantries.

Become a Hunger Hero

The SE Ohio Foodbank believes in opportunity. We believe in the future of Southeast Ohio, and we believe in the people who can build their futures, but we cannot do it alone.


Your donation ensures families access to nutritious meals, fostering a healthier and stronger community.


Your time can help ensure no one goes to bed hungry. Every hand helps feed families facing hunger.


Your voice makes a difference. Ending hunger will take more than just food. We can create a more food-stable future.

"There are too many going hungry. SEOFB is a great place to get food help. I myself and others really depend on this food."

John D.

"So many people are struggling to make ends meet. This is a BIG HELP for people in need."

P. Wayne

"I would like to just say thank you for the help. Not everyone can afford Thanksgiving dinner, or some foods at all."


"We know the cost of food is going up all the time; our income is not enough for food. This food helps us greatly."

"With high prices at the store, food is harder and harder to get... SEOFB really helps out me and my whole family."

Frankie W.

How We Work

Sharing food with communities: The SE Ohio Foodbank secures food from donations, state and federal food assistance programs, and Feeding America - the national food bank network.

Food is inventoried, sorted, and safely stored at the distribution center. Every day, our hunger relief partners place food orders from our inventory. Food is then distributed to people facing hunger through food pantries, hot meal sites, children and senior programs, or other hunger relief programs.

Providing additional support: We operate food relief programs such as Meals on Wheels. We connect neighbors with federal programs like SNAP. We also address the social determinants of health in our community, like the cost of living, health care access, and food as medicine.

Advocating for Anti-Hunger Policies: Ending hunger will take more than just food. That is why we support policies that improve food security for all and work to address the root causes of hunger.

How We Work

Agency Zone

We are proud to partner with over 60 food pantries, meal providers, and distribution sites. We dedicate ourselves to the shared mission of eradicating hunger in SE Ohio.

Your support and commitment play a key role in the lives of neighbors facing hunger within our community. The collective efforts of our agency network contribute to a stronger and more resilient community, fostering a sense of hope and nourishment.

Thank you for being a part of this vital mission.

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