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Broadband Careers

The Broadband Initative

For more than 300,000 households in Ohio representing close to 1 million Ohioans, a lack of access to high-speed internet is a critical barrier. In some parts of Ohio, the connectivity required for children to do computer-based homework and for adults to look for a new job or access online education or training programs does not exist. Access to fast, reliable internet services has become a standard of living increasingly necessary for gainful employment, integration into educational programs, and preparation for the kinds of careers we expect to exist in the future.

The Broadband Workforce

Broadband networks depend on skilled workers for improvement. Trained professionals are essential for deploying, maintaining, and upgrading infrastructure. With no broadband workers, improving connectivity would be impossible.

Training our workforce is pivotal for sustained broadband development. This is why the State of Ohio has low or no-cost training programs to launch your career in telecommunications. Some of these include:

  • Telecommunications Tower Technician Programs
  • Certified Fiber Optic Technical Programs
  • 5G Readiness Programs
  • Broadband Infrastructure Training Programs

HAPCAP's Broadband Coordinator is here to connect you with these programs and help you navigate grants for low to no-cost training.

Contact us for more information and to apply for program grants.

Broadband Career Icon

Training Facilities in our Region:

  • Tri County Career Center
  • Hocking College
  • Washington County Career Center
  • Buckeye Hills Career Center
  • Mid East Career and Technology Center
  • Belmon-Harrison Career Center
  • Noble Local School District

Apply for grant funding by completing the application, or by contacting HAPCAP's Broadband Coordinator:

Jocelyn Howard, Broadband Coordinator
(740) 767 - 1061

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