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Community Development

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HAPCAP helps maintain and improve our communities physical infrastructure

UPDATED Infrastructure program photo of updated youth center

Infrastructure Programs

We work with local governments and residents to access federal funding for projects that improve the basic facilities and systems that serve our communities. These projects create local jobs and provide a better quality of life. Past projects have provided upgraded roads, sidewalks, community centers, and water facilities.


The Internet and cell phones are essential for jobs, education, and other life tasks. Access to the web can be an issue in rural areas where broadband services are often limited. Even when internet access is available, it can be too expensive for those struggling to pay the bills. HAPCAP connects individuals living with a lower income to programs that help pay for Internet and cell phone services.

broadband tower
kimberly meadows apartments

Housing Development

We all have a right to a safe home that we can afford. HAPCAP works with local, state, and federal agencies to build homes for citizens living with low income in Southeast Ohio. Together with local organizations, we can create affordable housing in our region.

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