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Car Seat Program

Too often children sustain injuries in car accidents that could have been prevented had the child safety seat been efficient and properly installed.  At HAPCAP we want to make sure that your child is safe and correctly secured in your vehicle. Whether you simply can't afford a suitable car seat or are unaware of how to secure it correctly in your car we can help.

Ohio Buckles Buckeyes

Through the Ohio Buckles Buckeyes Program we are able to offer free child safety seats and booster seats to eligible families in Athens County. Please note that this program is offered in every county in Ohio. Click here to find the one in your county.

The overall goals of this program are:

  • To increase the availability of child safety seats for families who could not otherwise afford them
  • To increase correct installation and proper use of child safety seats


In order to receive an Ohio Buckles Buckeyes seat you must:

  • Be income eligible
  • Live in Athens County, Ohio
  • Attend an educational class provided by trained Child Passenger Safety staff (In this session you will receive important education on how to properly use the car seat for your child and how to correctly install the seat in the vehicle.)

Apply Now

To apply for a free child car seat you can download and print an application here.

Car Seat Application (PDF)

Or Apply Online by clicking and filling out this form.

Online Application

It is your responsibility to notify us if your phone number or address changes.  Failure to do so may jeopardize your chance of receiving a car seat.

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