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Career Services

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HAPCAP helps people develop and use their skills for a successful career

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Comprehensive Case Management and Employment Program (CCEMP)

HAPCAP helps individuals ages 14 to 24 in Southeast Ohio achieve their education and work goals. We provide job support services like work experience and training opportunities to prepare them for jobs. Participants receive assistance with resumes, job searches, and interview preparation. We also offer support with transportation and clothing for work.

Digital Navigator

Using technology is essential for our everyday lives. HAPCAP offers training to bridge the gap in digital literacy. The Digital Navigator assists residents in Athens, Hocking, and Perry Counties. We help with tasks like setting up devices, navigating web programs, managing files, and using online school reporting systems.

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Many individuals in our region miss out on college because they can’t afford it. At HAPCAP, we know that education empowers students to reach their goals. That’s why in 1999, we established the David V. Stivison Scholarship Fund to offer financial aid to high school seniors facing poverty in Hocking, Athens, and Perry counties. The scholarship supports their pursuit of higher education and expanded career opportunities.

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