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Fares & Rates

Ticket Type Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
General Public $2.00 $3.00 $4.00
Senior Citizens/People with Disabilities $1.00 $2.00 $3.00
Children $1.00 $2.00 $3.00

Trips may be paid for in cash or with $1.00 or $2.00 tickets available for purchase from Logan Public Transit. Tickets will be treated the same as cash. Patrons are still responsible for covering extra charges, including those associated with making multiple stops or transporting grocery bags.

Fare is doubled for rides requested on the same day.

Passengers will be charged $1.00 if transporting groceries, and an additional $5.00 for a whole grocery cart.

Discounted Rates

To receive the elderly, disabled, or the veterans rate complete the following: Senior's must complete an application and show proof of age. Those with disabilities must complete the same application and have it signed by a certified health professional. Veterans must show proof of service. Contact the Transportation Services Manager at 740.385.6813 for more information.

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