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Our offices will be closed Monday May 27 in observance of Memorial Day. We will close at 3:00 on Friday May 24, and will open at normal time Tuesday May 28.

Housing Services

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A chilly home can result in high energy bills, causing financial strain. Through the Ohio Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP), we work to ease this stress for Ohioans. This no-cost energy assistance program increases the energy efficiency of homes for income-eligible Ohioans. We aim to cut energy costs and improve the health and safety of participants.

Home Repair & Rehabilitation

If your home poses safety risks and repairs are a worry, HAPCAP can help. We bring homes up-to-code for health and safety, aiding homeowners with low income. We provide services for structural, heating, electrical, plumbing, and accessibility needs. HAPCAP also covers other repairs like foundations, roofs, and insulation to ensure your home is secure and comfortable.

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Affordable Housing Programs

HAPCAP works in many different ways to support affordable housing. That may mean keeping someone in their current home by fixing problems that could make it unsafe or connecting families to homeownership programs. We help create more affordable housing options by collaborating with other organizations dedicated to affordable housing development.

Fair Housing

The Fair Housing Consortium covers Hocking, Athens, and Perry Counties. It helps protect Southeast Ohioans against housing discrimination. Through this program, we advocate for fair housing rights and uphold federal and state laws. We address discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or family status. We provide free assistance with housing inquiries, educate residents on their rights, and support fair housing complaints.

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