On the Bus - HAPCAP

Boarding the Bus

To board, first wait at a marked stop.

Certain areas, such as The Plains and the far East side of Athens between the Market on State and Holzer, are designated hail zones.

Doors are operated manually by the bus driver. Please climb the stairs carefully and place your fare money in the farebox directly in front of you. You must pay your fare before you are seated. Please have exact fare ready if you are paying in cash, as drivers do not carry change. Checks and credit cards are not accepted.


After paying your fare, please find a seat quickly. Bus courtesy is to leave the front seats vacant for senior citizens or people with disabilities who may board after you. You may use a seat belt where provided.

If the bus is standing-room only, and you are standing, keep a firm grip on the upright or overhead pole grips, as Athens roads can be bumpy. If you are seated, be on the lookout for standing passengers who are elderly or may have a disability and offer them your seat – being considerate toward others helps us create the kind of positive atmosphere we are working for.

Signaling Your Stop

When you get within one to two blocks of your destination, let the driver know you want to get off the bus by telling them where you want to be let off and/or pulling the yellow stop request cord on the wall next to your seat. Gather your belongings and wait for the bus to stop. Once you exit, quickly move away from the bus; cross the street behind the vehicle rather than in front.

Lost & Found

If you leave anything on the bus, call (740) 592-2727. Bear in mind that while we will make every effort to locate and return your lost item to you, Athens Public Transit is not responsible for items left on buses.

Other Information

A personal care attendant may ride free of charge while providing service for a passenger with a disability. Children under 10 may ride free of charge, but must be accompanied by an adult. Service animals are permitted to accompany the customer they are assisting on the bus, but must be on a leash or in a harness at all times. You are responsible for your service animal’s behavior and any consequences that may occur as a result of their presence on the bus. Non-service animals are only allowed on Athens Public Transit vehicles in enclosed pet carriers or leashed and may be disqualified from riding based on driver concerns.

Paratransit Service

Athens Public Transit now has a paratransit program for people with disabilities who cannot use our fixed route service. Find out more on our Paratransit page.

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