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Travel Training and Presentations

What is Travel Training?

The Athens Mobility Coordinator offers free travel training to residents of Athens County. This program is for people who want to travel independently using transportation services available in Athens County. Persons with disabilities, the elderly, and people with low incomes are encouraged to use this service to build the confidence needed to use public transportation.

Travel training can be done individually or with groups including school classes or employees or an organization or business.

What is the Cost?
There is no cost to participate in the Travel Training Program.

Who is Eligible?
Anyone fourteen years of age or older is eligible for free travel training.

What are the benefits of Travel Training?
Understanding the transportation options available to you and having the knowledge and ability to navigate the public transportation system will increase your independence and supports an active lifestyle.

Types of Travel Training

Travel Training can take place on any transportation provider in the county. Each training program is individually tailored to your needs and will help you to plan your trip, understand maps and schedules, pay fares, board or transfer the bus, apply safety skills, and feel confident in your travel.

You will work with the Mobility Coordinator, who will help you find solutions that best fit your situation, your abilities, and your needs. Training will involve a series of steps from one-on-one instruction to a gradual lessening of assistance, leading to independent travel.

The Athens Mobility Coordinator or transportation provider staff are available to ride with you as many times as necessary to assure you are confident and feel knowledgeable in using these transportation services.


The Athens Mobility Coordinator is available for presentations regarding a wide range of transportation topics in our region. These include transportation options, current trends and data in our area, and public forums regarding public transportation in our communities.

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Call the Mobility Coordinator at 740-767-1085 or fill out the following online form to learn more about the travel training process or to schedule an assessment.

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