How to Ride - HAPCAP

How to Ride

Athens On Demand Transit

To Request a Ride

  1. Pre-register (Required)
  2. Plan your trip
  3. Call as soon as possible in advance to check availability and make reservations
  4. State your name, address, phone number, appointment time and trip date clearly
  5. Dispatcher will repeat your request and schedule your trip

Before You Ride

  1. Make sure someone knows all of your travel plans
  2. Rides cost $2.00 for a one-way trip for the general public, $1.00 for senior citizens and people with disabilities. Have the correct amount ready

Day of Your Ride

  1. Be ready 15 minutes before pickup time
  2. Bring your house keys with you
  3. Bring important phone numbers with you
  4. Arrange for someone to meet you when returning home if necessary
  5. Carry Athens On Demand Transit phone number (740-597-2404) with you in a secure location
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