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March for Meals Community Champion, 2021: Judge Jonah Saving

I am in my 2nd term as the Probate and Juvenile Judge for Hocking County. When it comes to senior issues, I figured I would mostly be dealing with estates as I headed into this position. However, some of my most important cases involve children going to their grandparents. Our entire community has seen grandparents raising grandchildren in the wake of the opiate crisis. Taking on the unexpected costs of raising grandchildren can strain food budgets, so I am grateful that we have local food pantries in the area who are willing to step in and help.

But I also see a lot of mental illness and guardianship issues. It amazes me the amount of elderly folks who have basically no one to help them with their care. There are plenty of seniors in Hocking County whom we do not see, and they are not getting the care they need. So neighbors checking in on neighbors is a huge help. Any contact and knowing somebody cares is a big thing. That’s why Meals on Wheels is so important. Not only is it consistent meals and nutrition, it is consistent contact and communication.

Without Meals on Wheels, I don’t know what many of our seniors would do. So many seniors I see are living in isolation without any family. I’d say if you have any elderly relatives, neighbors, or friends, make sure you are checking in on them. Hocking County values our seniors, especially during these hard times. They’ve endured sacrifice and hardship before, and they can teach us a thing or two about what it takes to move forward.

Judge Jonah Saving

Hocking County Probate & Juvenile Court Judge

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