March for Meals Community Champion, 2021: DJ Barticus - HAPCAP

March for Meals Community Champion, 2021: DJ Barticus

I have lived in Athens since 2001. As a radio DJ, seniors are very important to my work. The most important responsibility of being on the radio is to clearly communicate information during emergencies. Seniors in our community rely on the radio for accurate information.   

The pandemic has made everything more difficult. The additional transportation and mobility issues make everything more challenging for seniors. In addition, the necessary safety precautions can lead to a lack of contact with the outside world and feelings of isolation. Meals on Wheels is an essential service that provides that contact.

It is important to care for seniors because it's just the right thing to do. They helped raise us and build the world we live in, and hopefully people will help take care of us all as we get older. 

Michael Bart (DJ Barticus)

WXTQ/WATH President Dave Palmer with Midday Madness host Captain Shane!

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