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Public Transit is for Everyone

“AODT (Athens on Demand Transit) really helped me overcome an unexpected obstacle.” – Valerie

Last month, Valerie's vehicle was damaged in a hit and run accident. She only had one vehicle and relied on it to fulfil her job duties. When she learned that her vehicle would be out of commission for several weeks, she was lucky to be familiar with the AODT service.

“I needed to attend an event for work, but didn't have a way to get there. I knew co-workers were depending on me, and it was important that I be there.” said Valerie. Thanks to AODT's door to door (taxi style) service, she was able to schedule a ride from her home in Nelsonville to a location in Athens where she could carpool to the event in Meigs County. “It was really nice! The driver was so friendly, and I was even able to get some work done on the ride down. The ride was only $2, and I know I would've spent more than that on gas even if I did have my vehicle!”

Public Transit is great in an emergency. Public Transit is reliable for those who need consistent transportation. Public Transit is for everyone.

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  1. Ericha Shavon Evans

    I am new in this town I don’t have any transportation and I was wondering how do I go about getting help from the public transit. I am located in Fort Shawnee

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