CDBG 2022


This application is due to Hocking Athens Perry Community Action by May 6, 2022.

Eligible applicants include: local governments, local government agencies, fire departments, and non-profits serving low and moderate-income individuals. ( Individuals are not eligible to apply. )

To be considered for funding by the County for the CDBG Allocation Program,

1.            Proposed projects must be completed between September 1, 2022 and August 31, 2024.

2.            Projects must qualify based on benefiting areas which are at least 51% low- and moderate-income per the new HUD data from 2011-2015 or aid in the prevention of slum and blight.

3.            All non-residential construction and improvements must meet or exceed State Building Codes (such as: Neighborhood Facility, Community Center or Senior Center etc.).

4.            Cost estimates must be itemized, signed, and provided by a qualified source (engineer, architect, county engineer, etc.).

5.            All cost estimates for construction projects with an estimated cost of $2,000 or more must include a federal prevailing wage statement.  This must be noted on the estimate.

6.            Unfortunately, as of Program Year 2021 street paving/resurfacing  projects are not eligible through Allocation Funding.

7.            Only the County may enter into contracts for your project. If funded, the applicant understands that the county is the recipient of the grant and must enter into all contracts for the activity. * The local applicant is not authorized to perform any procurement activities for this project.*

8.            If non-CDBG funds will be contributed to the proposed project a commitment letter is required.

9.            If funded, the applicant understands that all administration and procurement activities must follow CDBG requirements. Hocking Athens Perry Community Action is will be the administrator on behalf of eligible jurisdiction.

10.          All required rights-of-way, easements, and property needed for the proposed activity are owned by the applicant or applicant has received authority from the owner, which must be provided in writing.

You can find the application HERE

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