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Eva Bloom

Your Voice Matters

Each week the need for food assistance grows as family budgets break under the pressure of rising costs for gas, groceries, and other essentials. While we work to meet this growing need, our federal dollars don’t go as far and food is hard to source due to supply chain disruptions. We need your help. Ask […]

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Support Seniors

Now is a critical time to support Meals on Wheels and urge Congress to protect, strengthen and invest in these proven and effective programs by increasing federal funding so that it is available to every older adult in need for decades to come.

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HAPCAP Promotes Fair Housing

Whether talking to commissioners or community members, Sean Brooks, Community Development Manager, advocates for fair housing for all. “It’s still out there,” he says, referring to the discrimination the act seeks to prevent, “even if we don’t always see it.” His work on HAPCAP’s Fair Housing Consortium involves educating individuals and organizations on their rights

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