Athens County's Coordinated Broadband Plan

Athens County wants to build better broadband and we need your input! In building the best strategy, we need to know what the barriers are. Click here to take our survey, which will ask you questions about your challenges with cost, connectivity issues, devices, education, and more.

Athens County Broadband Coordinator

The position of the Athens County Broadband Coordinator was funded by HAPCAP, the Athens County Foundation, and the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation of Nelsonville. The funders envisioned that the Coordinator would be responsible for the overall development of an Athens County Coordinated Broadband Plan as well as the coordination of any Broadband development in Athens County. To this end, the Athens County Broadband Advisory Committee, made up of a variety of stakeholders, was established to help advise the Coordinator. Athens County is the first in the state to take this step in bringing the development of a coordinated, strategic, community-led approach to confronting our broadband internet challenges.

Paul Isherwood

Since February of 2021, Paul Isherwood has worked in the position of the Athens County Broadband Coordinator. Originally hailing from Ireland, Paul first came to Athens in 2004 to attend Ohio University. He is very excited about the developments on the horizon for broadband in Athens County. If you have any questions or concerns about broadband in the county and the region, please reach out to him at or by phone at: (740) 767-4500 Ext. 2172

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Connecting Appalachia

Please consider taking 5 minutes to complete a survey and perform a speed test in your home or workplace. The speed test is best completed on a cell phone connected to your Wi-Fi network, with as little other internet activity occurring at the time of the test.

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