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Planning & Development

Athens Mobility Management

Planning and Development

  • The Athens Area Chamber of Commerce  facilitates "a strong business climate in Athens County" and assists "member companies in meeting their full potential."
  • The Athens County Regional Planning Commission website contains information about flood plains and flood plain management, a copy of the most recent Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan for Athens County, and information about where and when Commission meetings will be held.
  • The Ohio Department of Transportation website contains information on what's being done in the state of Ohio for Bicycles and Pedestrians, Aviation, Highways, Public Transportation, Rail, Water, and Commercial Transportation.
  • The Community Transportation Association website contains resources, publications, training information, funding ideas, and more for "transit agencies and advocacy groups focused on increasing operating assistance for transit systems around the nation."
  • The United We Ride website contains information for those interested in coordinating human service transportation, including assessment and planning tools, mobility management strategies, technical assistance and training, and information on current policies, programs, and available sources of funding.
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