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Hunger in Southeast Ohio

Food insecurity affects approximately 1 in 6 individuals in Southeast Ohio, including seniors, children, working adults, veterans, and students. Rising food prices, the end of SNAP Emergency Allotments, wage stagnation, and underemployment have contributed to the increased need for emergency food services in the region. Individuals facing food insecurity often have to make difficult choices between food and other basic necessities like utilities, transportation, medicine, housing, and education.

The SE Ohio Foodbank works to end hunger in our region by providing emergency food assistance, resource navigation, and advocacy for policy changes.  We also advocate for comprehensive strategies to tackle the root causes of food insecurity, including fair wages, affordable housing, accessible healthcare, and robust social safety nets.

Volunteer with Us

We have opportunities for individuals and groups to volunteer with us, both on a one-time basis and as a more long-term commitment.

There are opportunities for individuals, teams, groups, families, and workplaces. Volunteer opportunities include Meals-on-Wheels delivery, food box packing, kitchen assistance, fundraising/events, and more.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, click here.

Our Memberships

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